Equipment Lease Agreement Form

The equipment lease agreement form is the first step of getting involved in the process of leasing certain equipments. By filling necessary contact details and reviewing term & conditions, interested organization & individual can hire any equipment.

Sample Equipment Lease Agreement Form:

Date: ________

Name of the Lessee: _______________________Name of the Lessor: ___________

Address of the Lessee Organization: ________ Name of the Lessor Organization: _____

Contact Number: ________________________Phone Number: ___________________

Official Website:________________________ Official Website: __________________

Section A: Product Description

Name of the Product: ________________

Category: _________________________

Condition of the Equipment:  _________

Duration for which the equipment is required: ________________

Accessories required with equipments: _____________________

Section B: Payment Terms

Total Equipment Lease amount: ________________________

Processing Fees: _____________________________________

Net amount of inclusive first month lease total: ___________________

Section C: Termination of lease:

Hereby, both the parties’ declares with understanding that in case of late submission of the lease amount, the equipment lease will be considered terminated.

The lease agreement can be renewed annually by paying the processing fee of amount ______.

Signature of the Lessee:                                         Signature of the Lessor:

________________                                                   ________________ __

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