Engineering Goods Export Agreement

An engineering goods export agreement is an agreement which is drafted when a party agrees to buy engineering goods from an exporter of engineering products. Such agreements are based upon certain number of rules and obligations which have to be followed by the involved parties so as to avoid any chances of legal actions or implications in the future of the period of the agreement.

Sample engineering goods export agreement:

This agreement has been made effective as on 2nd June 2011

Duration of agreement: 12 months

TERMINATION of agreement: 2nd June 2012

This agreement has been made between Mr Greg Tim who is herein referred to as the EXPORTER and Mr. Mark Young who is herein referred to as the IMPORTER.

The EXPORTER exports engineering products of high quality.

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Address: 12-s, First floor, Bing towers, London

Phone number: 477403950955

Email address:


Shipping address: W-90, York road, New York

Phone number: 479374095095

Email address:

The total cost of the goods to be exported: $25000 for 12 months

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The exporter shall make sure that only high quality tested products are delivered to the importer.
  • The importer must make order on time and give the exporter a time of 15 days to receive order.
  • The amount must be paid on delivery at hand.
  • The faulty engineering products and goods shall be returned without any payment to the exporter.

Validation of the involved parties:

Greg Tim

Mark Young

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