Employment Separation Agreement

An employment separation agreement is an agreement between an EMPLOYEE and the EMPLOYER which sets down the basic terms and conditions that define the Termination of the EMPLOYEE. This agreement lays down the conditions such as the severance pay, extra severance pay and overall severance pay.

Sample employment separation agreement

This agreement is made between EMPLOYEE and EMPLOYER and is made effective on 27’Th Dec, 2010.

Details of the EMPLOYEE

Name: Mr. Frank Mathew

Date of hiring: 12’Th July, 2007

Job Position: Assistant Manager in the firm Rad Associates

Details of EMPLOYER

Name: Mr. Rad Bling

EMPLOYER is the MD of Rad Associates

The EMPLOYER offers a severance pay of $ 500 to the EMPLOYEE.

Terms and conditions:

  • The EMPLOYEE accepts termination orders in return for a sum of $500 in addition to the cost of living adjustment.
  • The payment shall be made within 15 days of separation of the EMPLOYEE from the firm.
  • In accordance with this agreement, the EMPLOYEE shall fully separate himself from the firm and is free from any liabilities, actions, conduct and behavior for the rest of the period after termination.
  • The EMPLOYEE has been given a period of 30 days to go over this agreement and come to the conclusion of layoff.


Frank Mathew             Rad Bling

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