Employment Compromise Agreement

An employment compromise agreement is a legally binding document signed between an employer and an employee before the termination of the employee. The agreement consists of the terms and conditions which are signed by mutual consent of both the parties and are meant to reach a compromise state.

Sample employment compromise agreement

This agreement is made between EMPLOYEE and EMPLOYER and come into effect on the date 31st of Dec, 2010

Details of the EMPLOYEE

Name: Mr. Kell Matt

Date of hiring: 1st of Oct, 2005

Job Position: Head of sales

Details of EMPLOYER

Name: Mr. Peter Keating

EMPLOYER is the owner of Keating publishers

The EMPLOYER offers a compensation amount of $1000 for the services of employee to the company which can be termed as the compromise amount.

Terms and conditions:

  • The EMPLOYEE accepts termination orders in return for a sum of $1000 in addition to charges of cost of living throughout life.
  • The payment shall be made within the next 12 days from the effective date of termination.
  • The EMPLOYEE shall fully separate himself from the publishing house and is free from any liabilities, actions, conduct and behavior for the rest of the period after termination.
  • The EMPLOYEE has been made aware of the terms of this agreement 15 days prior to the effective date.


Kell Matt           Peter Keating

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