Employment Agreements

Employment agreement are written official documents initiated between the employer organization and the employee in order to finalize the working terms and conditions along with the monthly & annual allowances for the same. An employment agreement is a commitment which covers the security of the job and ensures the payment to the employee. Such an agreement is commenced under the corporate rules and the government acts.

An employment agreement consists of the duties & responsibilities of the employee and the obligations of the employer organization.

Types of the Employment agreement:

  • Individual employment agreement
  • Collective employment agreement
  • Fixed terms employment agreement
  • Probationary employment agreement, etc

Following mentioned factors play an important role for drafting an employment agreement:

(a)Employment agreement number and the date on which the agreement is signed.

(b)Category of the employment agreement.

(c) Effective date on which the agreement is being commenced.

(d)Name & address of the employer organization including contact details.

(e)Name, permanent address, contact number and other details of the employee.

(f)  Considerable agreement terms; modes of payment, type of services, duties of the employee, obligation of the employer and limitations of the clauses.

(g)Signature of the employee and the employer.

The original copy retains with the employer, whereas the employee can keep a duplicate copy of the employment agreement.

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