Employment Agreement Template

The employment agreement template is a flexible document which would signify the contract between an employee and the company. The flexibility of an agreement template lies in the fact that it can be used for any employee and any company as the official language remains the same. Only the Name and particulars are changed.

Sample Employment Agreement Template

This agreement is made by the ________________ [Company name] situated at the [address] ___________________________________________________________________________and entered into by [Employee name] ______________ selected for [designation] _____________________ on [date] ___________________.

The company hereby employs the concerned employee on the following terms and conditions:

  1. The employment would commence from [date] _______________.
  2. The employee has agreed to perform the following duties: [mention all the duties]_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. The employee would receive compensation of _______________ [mention the amt] payable on [date] _________________, in return of the important service provided by him or her.
  4. This agreement would be concluded prior to the due date because of the following reasons.
    1. Inability to work for more than __________ [calendar weeks] in any year due to incapacity or illness.
    2. Infringement of the agreement.

In these cases, the company would notify him or her, with a certified notice and the termination would commence after ______________ [days / weeks].

This agreement has been done in front of [witness] _____________________ by [Company] _______________________________ and [employee] ____________________.

_________________________              __________________________

Signed by Company                             Signed by Employee

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