Employee separation agreement

An employee separation agreement is an agreement made between the employer and the employee in the event of termination of employment, where in the employee wants to quit his job or gets fired or laid off by the company.

Sample employee separation agreement:

Date: 25/10/2010

Dear Mr. Jones,

This letter proposes your termination as a senior. Manager of Global Solutions from 26th of October 2010


(A)                 You were employed in our company as an Assistant Manager. The company has agreed to terminate your employment with us on an amicable basis.

(B)                Your last working day will be 26th of October 2010


The following are the terms and conditions binding on an employee for a successful completion of termination process:

(A)                 As per the completion of your notice period, your last working day will be 26th of October 2010.

(B)                You will get a Salary for this month till your last working day in the company.

(C)                 In case of any balance payment pending with the company, the amount will be credited to your account within 7 days after the last working day.

(D)                 You may not be able to avail the Medical, Travel & Vacation benefits after your last working day.

Signature of the employer: FOR Global Solutions


Signature of the employee: SIMON.JONES

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