Employee confidentiality agreement

An employee confidentiality agreement is commenced between the employer organization and the employee at the time of appointment. This agreement mentions all the terms and condition agreed by both the parties regarding the confidential data.

Sample employee confidentiality agreement:

Confidentiality Agreement Number: 475/ C

This confidential agreement is commenced between the employer organization and the employee, on November 22nd, 2010 and is terminating on: November 22nd, 2012 for which the other details are mentioned as following:

Employer Party information:

Name: Wilma Sales Pvt. Ltd

Address: Office No; 7, 23rd street, Industrial Area, Toronto, Canada

Contact Number: 7896 859 4893


The Employee:

Name: Ms. Tina Watson

Address: flat No; 6/ K, Sunrise Society, Bakers Street, Toronto, Canada

Contact Number: 5858 558 5739

As per the above mentioned details, the employer organization is appointing the employee for which the confidentiality conditions are given as:

Commitment Clause:

The employee will look after all the confidential data of the organisation and will make sure that it does not leak out to any third person.


Hence both the parties are fully agreed to the terms and contact information mentioned in this agreement.

Termination of the agreement:

In case of any information disclosure to the third party, this confidential agreement will be treated as cancelled. The guilty party will pay 40% of the committed payment to the alleging party.

Hereby, parties are requested to validate the confidentiality agreement:

Singed by the Employer Organization:

Jack Robinson

Signature of the employee:

Tina Watson

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