Electrical Maintenance Agreement

An electrical maintenance agreement is one that is entered into between two parties for the purpose of obtaining maintenance of electrical units. The agreement provides for all the terms and conditions that govern the electrical maintenance between both the parties. This agreement essentially entails the various maintenance services that are provided by the electrical maintenance company and listed in the agreement in a proper manner.

Sample Electrical maintenance agreement

The agreement of electrical maintenance is entered into between Mr. John Anthony residing at #6, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, London, LN2 who is the hirer and M/s Stockport Electrical Maintenance company having its registered office at #56, Bridgend, Mid Glam organ, London, CF31 who is the service provider on 01st July 2013.

The electrical service agreement is entered into between both the parties for the maintenance of electrical units and equipments available at the premises mentioned above of the hirer. The various maintenance services provided under the agreement are detailed as given below :-

  1. The maintenance agreement between both the parties is valid for a period of one year staring from the date of agreement and can be renewed thereafter every year depending on the requirement of the hirer.

  2. The hirer agrees to pay a sum of 4000 pounds for the period of one year of electrical maintenance agreement.

  3. The maintenance company agrees to check the electrical units, panels, electrical wiring, switch boards etc once in a fortnight both manually and through electrical sensor checking machine.

  4. The maintenance companies will also ensure to inspect the circuit breakers, smoke detectors, GI wires and related electrical units on the premises of the hirer.

  5. The electrical maintenance agreement includes replacement of all wires, small regulators, electrical fittings, bulbs, tubes and batteries without any additional charge as and when required.


Date _____________________________

Signature of hirer ____________________________

Signature of electrical maintenance company ____________________________

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