Driver License Agreement

Driver license agreement is made between an individual who seeks for driving license and the transport authority of district/state. The agreement describes the rules and regulations regarding the license and its usage. It also explains the obligations of driver as well.

Sample Driver License Agreement

This agreement is signed between the License Applicant and the Transport and Registration Authority on the date of 15th August 2011 and it will b effective from 25th August 2011.

The duration of license agreement will be 5 years and the licensee needs to be renewed after that period.

The driver license agreement approves the eligibility of applicant as an expert driver as he has passed the driving test and fitness test. The license is given for a four-wheeler and it is limited to this state/province only.

Details of License Applicant

Name:  Mr. Ronan Keith

Contact Number: 43650897510

Age Certificate: Above 18 years.

Details of License Authority

Title: State Transport and Registration Authority

Director: Mr. Edwin Ginsberg

Contact Number: 485697023

Terms and Conditions of the agreement

  1. The applicant has deposited his medical fitness certificate given by a registered medical practitioner.  The licensee has submitted his age certificate and has passed the eyesight test as well.
  2. Licensee has to pay $350 as license fee at the time of submitting application.
  3. The licensee cannot use this license for any other vehicle or in any other state.
  4. This license is non-transferable and cannot be used by any other person apart from licensee himself.


Ronan Keith

Edwin Ginsberg

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