Divorce Separation Agreement

A divorce separation agreement is an agreement or a written document which is drafted between two people who are set to get divorced from each other on mutual consent. These documents are legally binding for the parties and after signing, the husband and wife are given the ‘unmarried or divorced’ status by law.

Sample divorce separation agreement:

This agreement has been made effective from the date 4th June 2011

This agreement has been made by and between the following two parties:


Name: Mr. Tom Riddle

Contact number: 4730939404304

Age: 42 years


Name: Mrs Dimple Riddle

Contact number: 47327404030440

Age: 40 years

Details of marriage:

Wedding date: 2nd March 1994

Any children from marriage: yes

Number of children: 1 son

Names of children: Henry Riddle aged 14

Both the parties agree to be divorced by law under the realisation that they shall be declared divorced for future reference.

The following are the terms and conditions of separation:

  • The husband agrees to pay an amount of $5000 every month to the wife as she shall be responsible for the custody of their child.
  • The Wife agrees to let the child meet the father on the 1st of each month at the Wife’s house.
  • The husband and wife agree to let the property, accounts and savings is divided into two and distributed amongst both of them.
  • The husband and wife both shall be allowed to be married once again.
  • The wife can again use her original sir name if she wishes to.


Tom Riddle

Dimple Riddle

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