Distributor Agreement Format

A distributor agreement format is the document which lays down the design in which a distributor agreement is drafted. These types of documents are designed for various different types of distributor agreements and then they can be used as per their needs and requirements.

Sample Distributor Agreement Format

At the beginning of the agreement we have to mention the date on which the agreement has been registered. This should be followed by the name of the parties entering into the agreement that is the name of the distributor and the production company.

It is essential to mention the contact details of both the parties like the address, telephone number and the email id and website address (if there is any).

Then we have to mention the various terms and conditions that both the parties have agreed to:

  1. The first condition should be about the kind of product manufactured by the production house that will be distributed by the distributor.
  2. The next condition is about the total amount that the distributor has to pay to acquire the distribution right.
  3. There should be a condition which lists the responsibilities of the distributor and the process in which the profit and losses will be shared.

Signature of the distributor:                                          Signature of the production company:

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