Development and Manufacturing Agreement

A development and manufacturing agreement is a formal document which is framed when a company or person hires another party or person for the development as well as manufacturing of a product, service or any other entity. These agreements consist of certain terms and conditions which are mutually decided amongst the involved parties and are legally binding in nature. Given below is a sample of a development and manufacturing agreement.

Sample Development and Manufacturing Agreement:

This agreement has been made effective on 2nd May 2011 which is termed as the ‘effective date’ of agreement.

This agreement is made by  and between the following parties:


Name: Jacob Solutions

Official address: R-67, first floor, Park avenue building, CA

Phone number: 4720470240404



Name: Mr. John Rhodes

Address: W-89, second floor, Port mark tower, CA

Phone number: 473094709305

Details of development and manufacturing project:

Name of project: Development of Software for billing machines

Length of agreement: 12 months

The DEVELOPER must finish the development as well as the manufacture of the software products within 12 months.

The following are the covenants and promises to be fulfilled by the parties:

  • COMPANY shall pay the DEVELOPER a total amount of $1500 for the development as well as manufacturing of the above said products.
  • The DEVELOPER must be provided full details and specifications of the COMPANY and its needs from the products.
  • The manufacturing procedures must also include marketing packaging and delivery.
  • Both the parties must abide by the terms and conditions so as to avoid facing legal implications.


Jacob Mathew

John Rhodes

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