Development Agreement Template

A development agreement template is a ready to use document that lays down the format in which a development agreement is designed. These types of templates include details of the parties involved and the terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Development Agreement Template

Effective date of Agreement (DD/MMM/YY) __________ [date on which the agreement is entered]

The agreement is made between Mr./Smt./Ms__________ (Name of landowner) and ______________ (Name of builder/developer).

Details of Land Owner and Developer

The landowner is located at_________ (City/State/Pin)

Location of land__________ (City/State/Zip Code)

Builder/developer is located at_____________ (City/State/Zip Code)

(This section mentions the mailing addresses of both the parties.)

Important dates related to agreement

The development agreement will be effective from________ (the date when the agreement will come into effect)

The development agreement will be terminated on_______ (The date when the agreement will be ended and become invalid.

Land specifications

Type of land_________ (explain the specification of the land e.g. agro-land, barren etc.)

Specifications of land____________ (Size, structure etc. presented on land and the market price of land.)

The development price of land

As per the terms and conditions of agreement, the Land Owner will pay an amount of__________ (amount in local currency) as the development price of land and other facilities (as described in project plan) to the __________ (Developer) in three equal installments.

Details of payment

First installment________ (date of payment).

Details of cheque and bank account______________ (cheque number, bank name, account holder name)

The second installment payment date_______(dd/mm/yy)

Third installment payment date__________ (dd/mm/yy)

Signature of Land owner___________

Signature of Developer/Builder_____________

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