Development Agreement Format

A Development agreement format is a ready to use document which lays down the design in which a development agreement is designed. These types of formats are designed for various different types of agreements which can be then used as per needs and requirements.

Sample Development Agreement Format

Details of Client

This section provides us the full name and contact details such as address, phone number etc. of the Client.

Details of Developer

This part mentions the full name, mailing address and phone number etc of land developer.

Specification of Land

This section gives the information regarding location, size and type of land. Any structures already present there etc.

Information about signing date and duration

This important section mentions the signing date of agreement between both parties and mention the duration for the development project.

Obligations of Developer

This part explains the obligations and responsibilities of land developer regarding the project as per the demand of client for which the developer will be paid. Here the developer has to explain his draft plan for the land development.

Terms and conditions of agreement

This is an important section of the format where the terms and conditions will be explained. These terms would be set by the consent of both the parties. The terms include the total amount paid by client to the developer and many other clauses related to the privacy and violation of agreement.

Signatures of both parties

Both parties need to sign at the bottom of agreement to affirm their willingness to be a part of this agreement.

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