Dental Office Lease Agreement

A dental office lease agreement is an agreement entered into between two parties in order to a give a property on lease for the purpose of setting up a dental office. The parties entering into the agreement is the owner of the property referred to as the lessor and the individual taking the property on lease in order to set up his dental office referred to as the lessee. The details included in a dental office lease agreement are the address of the office, name of both the parties, the amount of rent required to be paid on a monthly basis etc.

Sample Dental Office Lease Agreement

This agreement has been made and entered into between Rob Wills referred to as the lessor and Glen Eagles referred to as the lessee on the effective day of 10th may 2012.

As per the agreement the lessor is supposed to lease his property located at 78 Universal High Street, New York, New Jersey 4590 to the lessee for the purpose of setting up a dental clinic.

Details of the lessor:

Correspondence Address: 65 Time Square Avenue, New York, New Jersey 4534.

Contact number: 890678

Details of the lessee:

Correspondence Address: 90 Indiana Jones Street, New York, New Jersey 4523.

Contact Number: 259087

Details of the property:

Property type: Commercial apartment

Area of the property: 800 square feet

The terms and conditions agreed by the parties are as follows:

  1. The lessor agrees to lease the property to the lessee for a period of five years.
  2. The lessee will pay a monthly rent of $2000 and has to pay five months’ rent in advance.
  3. The lessor confirms that there is outstanding property tax.
  4. The lessee has to ensure that no damage is caused to the property.

Signature of the lessor: __________

Signature of the lessee: ________________

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