Dealership Agreement Format

A dealership agreement format is the layout of the dealership agreement. These formats give an idea about the details to be mentioned in a dealership agreement and the flow in which the document needs to be prepared. Various different types of formats can be drafted and then they can be used as per requirements.

Sample Dealership Agreement Format

At the beginning of the agreement we have to mention the date on which the agreement has been registered. This should be followed by the name of the parties entering into the agreement that is the name of the dealer and the manufacturing company. The contact details of the parties have to be mentioned specially the address at which the authorized offices are located.

Then we have to mention the laws as per which the agreement has been drafted and the laws that both the parties have to follow while entering into this business deal.

Then we have to mention the various terms and conditions that both the parties have mutually agreed to:

  1. The agreement beginning date has to be mentioned along with the agreement expiry date. The conditions under which the agreement can be terminated also need to be mentioned.
  2. Mention the responsibilities of the dealer.

The last section of the agreement includes the signature of both the parties in approval to the agreement.

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