Data Confidentiality Agreement

Data confidentiality agreement is that agreement wherein information is passed in between provider and recipient and deals with passing of data which is confidential and not disclosed. This agreement sets down the terms and conditions according to which the parties involved function during the length of the contract.

Sample data confidentiality agreement:

This agreement is made between parties known as Provider and Recipient where the former shares confidential data with provider.

Effective date of agreement: 29’Th dec, 2010


Name: Mr. Frank James

Address: Red Street, 2 house, 4’Th floor, CA

Business details: Furnishing business located at east wing, central avenue, CA


Name: Mr. Mark Ponting

Address: 34, hill top road, CA

Contact details: 49038493489

Terms and conditions:

  • Both the parties agree that the information shall remain  undisclosed for the length of the period of agreement
  • The recipient agrees to use the confidential information regarding the business which includes points such as data, budget points, product details only for the purpose of evaluation and development.
  • The provider agrees to pass the information and holds the ownership ship with himself.
  • The recipient agrees to hand back over all the data to the provider at the expiration of the agreement term.


Frank James            Mark Ponting

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