Copyright License Agreement

A copyright license agreement is an agreement which is made when one party agrees to give copyrights of a creation to another party for a charge and for a fixed duration of agreement time .Such agreements are legal in nature.

Sample copyright license agreement:

This copyright license agreement is entered into on the effective date of 17th July 2011 between and by two parties with the following details:


Henry Mark

S-78, third floor, Martin’s square, LA

Licensor is the owner of the Mark Art works based in LA



Kell Richard

90-P, second floor apartment, Paul tower, LA

Licensee agrees to buy copyright of the artwork by the name of ‘Fred’s creation’

The total copyright charge is a sum of $20000

This amount has to be paid in the first week of commencement of agreement.


Licensor owns all proprietary rights and copyrightable rights of the artwork and has the exclusive right to license others to copy, make or sell the product.

Licensee agrees to pay the amount of use the artwork with the permission and license granting by the licensor in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement.


  • Termination of agreement:

This agreement shall terminate after 12months from effective date: 17th July 2012

  • The licensor agrees to grant non exclusive and non transferable license for professional use and purpose to the licensee.
  • Licensee retains all rights to packaging designs and trade dress for the promotion and marketing of the art work.

Thus the parties validate the agreement as follows:

Henry Mark

Kell Richard

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