Cooperative Development Agreement

A cooperative development program is an arrangement wherein the parties involved agree to jointly manage and monitor the respective development task. An agreement which is signed between the parties involved so as to certify and legalize the deal is called a cooperative development agreement. A sample of the same has been provided below.

Sample Cooperative Development Agreement

The agreement is being entered into on the January 30th, 2012. The agreement is signed between Moshe Developers and Hans Developers.

The agreement states that the parties involved are responsible for undertaking the development of the area near the southern wing of the shopping mall project in the specified location. The development must be carried on in cooperation between the parties.

Starting date of the development agreement: 1st, February, 2012

Length of agreement: 12 months

Details of the developer 1:

Name of the firm: M/s Moshe Developers

Authorized personnel: Mr. James Smith

Contact No.: 48203409032

Official address: 34, Fifth Avenue, United States

Details of the developer 2:

Name of the firm: M/s Hans Developers

Authorized personnel: Mr. Jim Mikes

Contact No.: 473209483040

Official Address: 44th, Patty Hills, United States.

Terms and conditions of the Agreement:

  1. The parties involved will be paid the pre decided amount, 25% before the project and the rest after the completion.
  2. Any sort of violation of the agreement is punishable by law.
  3. All the development work must be as per specifications. Non adherence to requirements may lead to re- development without increment.

We hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement.


Mr. Jim Mikes, C.E.O. (M/s Hans Developers)


Mr. James Smith, C.E.O. (M/s Moshe Developers)

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