Contractual Joint Venture Agreement

A contractual joint venture agreement is a legal document drafted between two or more individuals or organization when they decide to enter into a joint venture business which is contractual in nature. There are few terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement that both the parties need to follow.

Sample Contractual joint venture agreement

This contractual joint venture agreement has been entered into on this day of 15th November 2011 between Larry Flint and Jerry Ted. As per the agreement both the parties have agreed to invest in and establish a contractual joint venture in order to establish a college by the name of Home Foundation College.

Details of Larry Flint:

Legal address: 12 Long Drive Lane,

New Land, Florida

Telephone number: 567890

E mail id:

Details of Jerry Ted:

Legal address: 23 Short Drive Lane,

New Land, Florida

Telephone number: 567765

E mail id:

The obligations mentioned in the agreement becomes binding since the day this agreement goes into effect and after both the parties approve the obligation.

The obligations to be followed are as follows:

  • Larry Flint will make all the required investment for the construction of the college. Jerry Ted has to ensure that the construction is completed and also decide upon the administration and curriculum of the college.
  • Both the parties will be liable to the liabilities of the college.
  • All the required legal documents need to be submitted within thirty days the agreement goes into effect. In case they either party fails to do so, the agreement can be terminated.

Signature:                                                                  Signature:

Larry Flint                                                                  Jerry Ted



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