Consulting service agreement

Consulting service agreement is an official document where in a service provider agrees to provide his consultancy services to the client or company. Here is the sample consultancy agreement:

Sample Consultancy Agreement:

The agreement is made on 25/9/2010 and is


Fusion Technologies private Ltd

Address: Wembly Park, Leicester, Great Britain

Contact No: 25896958/25896968


BlueDart consultancy services

Address: Rachel Street, Leicester, Great Britain

Contact No: 24869955/24869966

WHEREAS, Client agrees that the consultant has agreed to provide certain services described in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, and

WHEREAS, Client finds that consultant is qualified enough to render the required services which will be beneficiary to his business

NOW THEREFORE, in mutual content both the parties agree as follows:


The agreement will start from 1/10/2010 and is valid up to 1/10/2011


The consultant shall provide the following services to the client:

–          Daily updates about the current market trends.

–          Will assist the client in taking various decisions relating to finance.

–          Will conduct an audit every 3 months.


  • Full payment should be made by client at the time of signing the agreement.
  • Any extra services apart from services mentioned above will be charged extra.


  • Both the parties have the right to break the contract by providing a notice of 15 days.
  • Consultancy services are applicable to the period as mentioned in the contract.


Fusion Technologies private Ltd [Name of the Client/Company]

BlueDart Consultancy Services [Name of the consulting firm]

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