Consulting Agreements

Consulting agreements are created and accepted by the consultant and the client organization in order to obtain consultancy services and to describe the rules and regulations to initiate the business. The client organization gets committed to the consultant by paying him the fixed amount along with the compensation, whereas the consultant agrees to sort out all the issues and serve the organization wherever his contribution is required.

A consulting agreement depends upon the corporate terms, if the client organization is a private firm, whereas for government organizations, the agreement is based on the certain legitimate obligations.

Types of the consulting agreement:

  • Corporate consulting agreement
  • Business consulting agreement
  • Small business consulting agreement
  • Interim consulting agreement, etc

Following mentioned factors play an important role for creating a consulting agreement:

(a)Agreement number and date of acceptance.

(b)Category of the consulting agreement.

(c) Type of the business and related details for which the consultancy services are required.

(d) Contact details of the consultant and the client organization.

(e)Effective date and terminating date of the agreement.

(f)  Terms of hiring services, payment modes, limitation clauses of the agreement.

(g)Signature of the consultant and the client organization.

(h)Approval and signature of the Solicitor.

Such an agreement can be commenced between a consultant and more than one organization at a time.

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