Construction Training Agreement

A construction training agreement takes place when training is provided to a construction labor, a construction foreman, a supervisor or any other individual who is related to the profession of construction. The agreement includes the type of training to be provided to the individual and the terms and conditions he has to keep in mind.

Sample Construction Training Agreement

This agreement is made between Jane Ire, the trainee and Bricks & Bats Construction Limited, the employer on the effective date of 16th of March 2011. As per the agreement the employee is supposed to receive construction training from the organization for the position of a construction foreman.

Details of the employee

Residential address: 52 Aspen High Road,

New York, New Jersey 5214

Contact number: 438984094878

Details of the employer

Office address: 89 Lee Bee Road,

New York, New Jersey 5214

Contact number: 473948948340

Terms and conditions to be followed by both parties:

  1. The employer agrees to train the employee regarding all the steps of construction taking place. The employer also has to make the employee aware about the raw materials that are required for construction process.
  2. The employee will also be trained about all the job functions and responsibilities of a construction foreman.
  3. The employee is not supposed take any leave during the training period.

Signature of employee:

Jane Ire

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