Construction Loan Agreement

A construction loan agreement is an agreement made between the owner and the lender of the loan to carry out the construction of a building, complex or any other project. This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions based on which the construction work is carried out.

Sample Construction Loan Agreement:

This agreement is made between the owner and the lender on the effective date of 27’Th Dec, 2010.

The agreement is made for the construction of the shopping complex to be made at 45-H, GB road, CA.

Duration of contract: 24 months

Details of the OWNER:

Name: Mr. Rad Fling

Contact number: 47598579023

Details of the LENDER:

Name: Mr. Tim Hedley (Hedley Loan group)

Contact number: 473983983599

Terms and conditions:

  1. The owner shall carry out the construction work as proposed by the files of the lender and will be responsible for providing all the material, tools and machinery.
  2. The lender shall be responsible for all the financial matters of the construction work.
  3. Any additional work that comes up will be considered extra and the cost for it will be demanded from the lender.
  4. The owner and lender both will be considered charged under law in case of violation.

Rad Fling            Tim Hedley

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