Construction Joint Venture Agreement

A Construction Joint Venture Agreement is an official document signed between two parties who agree to complete the certain construction contracts together. This type of contract specifies all the terms and condition which are agreed by the parties.

Sample Construction Joint Venture Agreement

This construction joint venture agreement is entered between

Packer Constructions Ltd

Address: – Rowling Street, Warwickshire, England

Telephone No: – 02228569636 / 02228569637


Jones Constructions Ltd

Address: – RiverDale Street, Birmingham, England

Telephone No: – 02223458569/02223458570

The agreement is made on 20th October 2

WHEREAS [Packer Construction Ltd] and [Jones Constructions Ltd] has agreed to get into the construction business

WHEREAS the parties are together willing to invest the capital to conduct the business

Now thereof, the parties hereby agree as follows:


(i)          Both the parties will invest their capital jointly towards the construction of buildings in and around United Kingdom.

(ii)          Both the parties will construct residential complex as well as commercial spaces.

(iii)         Both the parties will help to construct corporate parks in and around England.


(1)Both the parties should adhere to the various laws relating to construction business.

(2)Both the parties will get the share in the profits as per their capital investments.

(3)In case of disputes or any other undue circumstances both the parties can break the agreement by giving the prior notice of 1 month.


Packer Constructions (MR.ROGER.PACKER)

Jones Constructions Ltd (MR.SIMON.JONES)

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