Construction Contract Agreement

A construction contract agreement is an agreement signed between two parties which are OWNER and the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. This type of an agreement consists of terms and conditions which bind both the parties to certain rules. This agreement basically relates to the construction work of a project undertaken by the OWNER.

Sample construction contract agreement:

This agreement is made between William Co. hereby known as the OWNER and Tim services hereby known as the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.

This agreement is made effective on 28’Th Dec, 2010.

The agreement is based on the construction work of the parking lot for the William shopping mall in NY.

The duration of contract: 12 months from effective date.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The total amount available for the construction work shall be $1000 and will include all the material, machinery and labour charges.
  2. The owner shall be responsible for providing all the material and machinery required for the construction work.
  3. The construction shall be carried out according to the plan laid by the architect and as discussed amongst both the parties.
  4. The construction shall be carried out with at most care, skill and full attention to the plan laid down.


William Ted                 Tim Yen

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