Construction Agreements

Construction agreements are legal binding between the construction company and a client in order to hire the services for re-constructing, renovating and building a new house or official construction. In such an agreement the service provider company is referred as the developer, whereas the client organization/ individual called as the owner.

A construction agreement covers the official details of the developer and the personal and property details of the owner. By revising the legal terms & construction codes, a construction agreement can be produced.

Types of the construction agreement:

  • House construction agreement
  • Apartment Construction Agreement
  • Unit price construction agreement
  • Lump sum construction agreement
  • Cost plus fixed fee construction agreement, etc

Consider the given factors while preparing a construction agreement:

(a)Date of the construction contract registration

(b)Category of the construction type.

(c) Mention the official details of the developer.

(d)Give the personal details of the owner including the address of the property.

(e)Date on which the agreement is made & entered and termination date.

(f)  Clauses and covenants made for the construction agreement, including payment modes, working terms and limitations.

(g)Signature of the owner and the developer.

(h)Signature of the Solicitor.

A construction agreement is prepared as per the requirement of the owner. Hence, the corporate and personal construction agreement formats can be different.

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