Construction Agreement Template

A construction agreement template is an agreement executed by the land owner with the builder, vendor or with any company or firm appointed by the vendor for executing a project related to construction and its work. This agreement is also concerned with the sale or transfer of good involved in the execution.


Sample Construction Agreement Template


The construction agreement is being executed at __________________ (place) on

____________ (dd/mm/yy) between (Mr, Mrs, Ms.) _________________ a resident of

___________________ here is referred to as “Owner” and (Mr, Mrs,Ms.) _______________ a resident of  ____________ here is referred to  as “Developer”.

This agreement state that the “Owner” of the property _________ [specify the address of the property] possessed property measuring _________________ [mention the size] Square yards bounded under:

South ___________________Sq yard     East ___________________Sq Yard

North ___________________Sq Yard     West ____________________Sq yard

This is being ensured that the present owner or the owner in possession holds the absolute title and this property is not encumbered in any manner like mortgage, bank loan, sale, and long lease or any otherwise.

And the owner has not entered into any kind of construction agreement earlier with any of the third party.

Thereafter the builder and the owner have agreed to enter into the present construction agreement based on certain terms and conditions negotiated between two parties.

________________________                                       ______________________

(Signature of the owner)                                          (Signature of the builder)



Construction Agreements

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