Confidentiality Separation Agreement

A confidentiality separation agreement is a legally drafted document which is drafted when two or more than two parties agree to separate from a business partnership on mutual agreement basis. These agreements are confidential in nature which means that the terms and conditions of the agreement must be kept confidential and must not be disclosed to any third party or person.

Sample Confidentiality Separation Agreement:

This agreement has been made by and between MEMBER 1 and MEMBER 2, both of whose details have been given below.

This confidential license agreement comes into effect on 27th Feb 2011.

MEMBER 1 Details:

Name: Mr.  Tim Harpin

Address: R-34, First floor, Marble square, London

mobile number: 473204040402

MEMBER 2 Details:

Name: Mr. Greg Frankinson

Address: 56-j, second floor, Paul tower, London

Mobile number: 47074903489

Details of separation:

The MEMBER 1 and MEMBER 2 have decided to separate from the partnership and have settled all the financial and accounts related issues amongst themselves.

The separation gives them the right to run their businesses independently from the effective date onwards.

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • MEMBER 2 agrees to return all the information and documents of the partnership business to MEMBER 1 and same applies for information transfer from MEMBER 1 to MEMBER 2.
  • Both the parties agree to keep the details of the partnership and confidential details to themselves and cannot disclose any exchanged information to a third party.
  • If any of the parties is found to disclose any information or knowledge, then it will be held chargeable under law.


Tim Harpin

Greg Frankinson


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