Confidentiality agreement

A confidentiality agreement is a legal binding document committed between the two parties in order to keep the certain information secret.

Sample confidentiality agreement:

Legal Agreement Number: 7896/ LL

Type of the Agreement: Confidentiality

This agreement is commencing on November 21st, 2010 and is terminating on: November 21st, 2012.


The Provider:  Jacob financing companies Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter referred as the provider organization.

Address: Office No; 5, 4th Floor, Cascade Building, New York, America PIN: (212) 685 5849

Contact Number: 6895 685 8549

E-mail Id:



The receiver: Paterson Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter referred as “the receiver organization”

Address: Plot no: 56/ K, Industrial Area, New York City, America

Zip: (212) 789 8930

Phone Number: 7896 373 3920

Official e-mail id:


Whereas, the provider organization is ready to sell its services to the receiver organization and the receiver organization is interested to hire the services from the provider organization.

Underneath mentioned are the terms & clauses to for both the parties:

(a)The provider organization will charge $ 58490 per month for taking care of the administration flow & accounts procedures.

(b)The receiver organization will provide the necessary information and full support in order to complete the commitment. The receiver organization will pay the monthly amount in the first week of every month.

(c) Confidentiality terms should be followed by both the organizations as committed.

(d)All the covenants should be kept secret. Both the parties are not allowed to disclose any official information to any external party.

(e)The agreement is entirely confidential. If any leakage of information occurs, due to any party, the agreement will be treated as dissolved and the faulty party will make the 50% payment of the total cost to the other party.

Acceptance of the agreement by both the parties:

Signature of the Authorized Person from the provider organization:

Tina Johnson

Singed by the concerned Person from the receiver organization:

David Smith

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