Confidentiality agreement template

Confidentiality agreement template is a ready to use document, which is drafted by processing all the legal terms between the two entrepreneurs, companies and firms. Such a legal document is consists of information about both the parties and secret terms of the commitment.

Sample confidentiality agreement template:

Agreement Number: _____________ [legitimate number of the agreement]

Type of the agreement: __________ [put the name of the agreement]

This confidentiality agreement is made & entered on ___/____/___ [agreement commencing date] and is terminating on: ____/___/___ [agreement ending date]

Hereby, this agreement is prepared between:

The provider information:

Name (individual/ organization): ____________________

Address: _______________ ZIP: ___________________

Phone Number: ________________________________

Email Id: ______________________________________

URL (if any): ___________________________________ [mention all the details of the provider party]

Hereinafter called as the “Provider”


Name: ___________________

Address: _______________________ PIN: ____________

Contact Number: ________________________________

E-mail id: _______________________________________

Website Address: ________________________________ [give details of the receiver party]

Hereinafter called as Receiver party, whereas both together referred as “the parties”

This confidentiality agreement is based on the following given term & conditions:

  • The provider party is ready to initiate the import & export relationship with the receiver for which the initial amount of $___________ [amount in local currency] is fixed, which will be paid by the receiver.
  • As per the type of the agreement, both parties will keep the terms of this agreement secret.
  • If any party discloses the secrecy then the agreement will be considered as terminated and the defaulter party will pay an amount of $ _________ [amount in local currency] to the other party.


Signature of the Provider:


Singed by the Receiver:


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