Confidential Severance Agreement

A confidential severance agreement is a legal document which is framed as an agreement between two or more than two parties in the case when they wish to get separated or partitioned as far as a business partnership or association is concerned. A confidential severance agreement contains certain terms and conditions which are legally enforceable in nature. Given below is a sample of a confidential severance agreement.

Sample Confidential Severance Agreement:

This confidential severance agreement has been made by and between MEMBER 1 and MEMBER 2, both of whose details have been given below.

This confidential license agreement comes into effect on 19th July 2012.

MEMBER 1 Details:

Name: Mr.  Mark Jacob[of Jacob enterprise]

Official Address: 6-P,Tim square, Marks building, LA

Contact number: 43894703404

MEMBER 2 Details:

Name: Mr. Ronald Gregory[of Ron industries]

Official Address: 34-K, second floor, Lawrence tower, LA

Mobile number: 477029340940

Details of the severance:

The MEMBER 1 and MEMBER 2 have decided to separate from their business association of 12 years as a result of the differences in business opinions.

The severance has been finalised on the basis of the following given terms and conditions:

  • MEMBER 1 and MEMBER 2 have agreed to keep all the confidential details of their association and the facts and figures of each other’s companies undisclosed and shall be held at fault if found disclosing any information to a third party.
  • Both parties shall from now onwards run their respective business as a result of division in finances and accounts documents as well as stationary items.


Ronald Gregory

Mark Jacob

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