Confidential Settlement Agreement

A confidential settlement agreement is a legal agreement made between two parties wherein they both come to a mutual understanding and settle or resolve a legal dispute. These agreements are confidential in nature which means that terms of settlement are not to be disclosed to any third party or person by any of the involved parties. Given below is a sample of a confidential settlement agreement:

Sample Confidential Settlement Agreement:

This agreement has been made effective as on 27th Feb 2011, which is the ‘effective date’.

This agreement has been entered into by and between ‘Kell group of companies’, MEMBER 1 and ‘Jacob studios’, MEMBER 2.

MEMBER 1 Details:

Name: Mr. Daniel Radcliff

Address: S-90, second floor, Markson tower, CA

Contact number: 43083024804

MEMBER 2 Details:

Name: Mr. Henry King

Address: 3-h, third floor, Bottom lane, House 2, CA

Contact number: 474703440044


Both the MEMBERS hereby agree to resolve their legal dispute termed which came under the copyrights law and wish to settle and compromise on the same.

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • MEMBER 1 agrees to the fact that it had under certain circumstances used the logo of MEMBER 2 for illegal use.
  • MEMBER 2 agrees to take back all allegations against MEMBER 1 by agreeing to the fact that MEMBER 1 shall deposit a sum of $ _______ within 1 week.
  • Both MEMBERS agree to drop future charges and continue their work without revealing any of the terms of this agreement to any third party.


Henry King                       Daniel Radcliff

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