Confidential License Agreement

A confidential license agreement is an agreement which is legal in nature and is drafted between two parties when one grants a certain license to the other under confidentiality laws. These agreements help to give a right to one of the parties to carry on a task without legal hindrance or interference. Here none of the parties are allowed to reveal or disclose any information of the agreement to a third party. Given below is a sample.

Sample Confidential License Agreement:

This agreement has been made by and between LICENSOR and LICENSEE, both of whose details have been given below.

This confidential license agreement comes into effect on 24th March 2012-01-27

Length of agreement: 12 months


Name: Mr. Fred Nicholson, [Work license branch 2]

Address: R-90, first floor, Greg building, Toronto

mobile number: 470934040404


Name: Mr. Mark Anthony[out on bail from Toronto prison]

Address: 34-p, second floor, Jack lands, Toronto

Mobile number: 470932470404

Details of License

The LICENSOR is granting a license of work to LICENSEE for a period of 12 months under which the LICENSEE is allowed to work outside the state of Toronto but under the restriction laws which restrict prisoners to work while on bail.

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • LICENSEE agrees to appear at a local Jail every week on Monday to sign a document of reassurance.
  • The LICENSEE agrees to work under the laws of the Canada government and must not indulge in any illegal activities during this period.
  • The LICENSOR and LICENSEE must not disclose the terms of this agreement to any third party.


Fred Nicholson

Mark Anthony


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