Conference Room Rental Agreement

A conference room rental agreement is a document that allows the owner of a conference hall to rent his room to a lessee in return for a rental charge. This contract lays down the terms and conditions that must be followed by both parties to get into an agreement.

Sample Conference Room Rental Agreement:

Owner: Clark court hotels

Address: 71 b, lap Road, LA

Lessee: Michigan Media limited

Date: 7’Th Oct, 2010

Period of lease: 2 weeks starting from 7’Th November, 2010

Purpose: presentation and conference

Terms and conditions:

  1. Rental charge of $100 per week to be paid in advance 1 week before lease period.
  2. No items brought in the hall should be left overnight.
  3. The lessor will not be held responsible for loss of items belonging to the lessee.
  4. The lessee will be payable for any damage or loss done to the premises or its furniture and other equipments.
  5. Smoking not to be done in any area outside the smoking zone.
  6. Space only to be used for approved purposes.


Frank Will                    Tim Yank

(Owner)                          (Lessee)

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