Conexant Board Representation Agreement

A Conexant board representation agreement is created by the shareholders and management of the company Conexant, which provides solutions for imaging, audio and video surveillance applications, to appoint new board representatives who will supervise the operations of the firm.

Sample Conexant Board Representation Agreement

This agreement is made on August 11, 2011 in California between Conexant, referred to as the COMPANY, and the PRINCIPAL STOCKHOLDERS.

The parties hereby agree on this terms and conditions:

  • As per the agreement, the PRINCIPAL STOCKHOLDERS and the COMPANY agree that as long as Conexant has Article 4 Rights, Conexant shall be entitled to appoint the Conexant Designated Director to serve as members of the Company Board who are hereby referred as the Company Conexant Nominees.
  • The COMPANY hereby designates Mr John Smith as the Company Conexant Nominee.
  • All the STOCKHOLDERS agree to vote at the meetings of the stockholders of the COMPANY) in favour of or give consent to the election or appointment of the Company Conexant Nominees to the Company Board
  • The STOCKHOLDERS also agree to take all other required actions to cause the election or appointment of the Company Conexant Nominees to the Company Board.
  • If the Conexant Nominee is not able or is unwilling to serve before his election or appointment, the COMPANY can nominate a replacement who will be regarded the new Conexant Nominee.
  • The STOCKHOLDERS and the COMPANY hereby acknowledge and agree to the all rights granted to Conexant regarding board representation.




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