Condominium Rental Agreement

A condominium rental agreement is a legally binding document that allows the condominium owner to lease it to a lessee for which he is paid a rental charge.

Sample Condominium Rental Agreement:

Owner: John Clark

Lessee: Steve Branson

Date: 12’Th Oct, 2010

Address of property: 5 k, Ridge Street, CA, 78YUU

Period of lease: 3 years

Date of commencement: 4’Th December, 2010

Terms and conditions:

  • The monthly rental charge to be paid by the lessor to the lessee will be on a monthly basis.
  • The lessee agrees to pay a sum of $1300 within the first week of every month. With each passing week, the lessee will be charged an additional amount of $200 in case of late payment.
  • The lessor shall provide the lessee with electricity, gas and water supply free of cost.
  • It is the responsibility of the lessee to take utmost care of the premises and keep it in good condition. It shall be expected of him/her to hand over the condo back to the owner in the same condition as it was initially.
  • The lessor can inspect the property at any point during the period of agreement.

Agreed and signed by:

John Clark                     Steve Branson

(Owner)                        (Tenant)

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