Condominium Lease Agreement

A condominium lease agreement is a legally binding document that allows the condominium lessor to lease it to a lessee for which he is paid a rental charge.

It gives the terms and conditions which have to be followed by both the parties in order to get into the lease agreement.

Sample Condominium Lease Agreement:

Lessor: HK builders

Lessee: George Fernandez

Date: 13’Th Oct, 2010

Address of condominium: 5 k, Ridge Street, CA, 78YUU

Period of lease: 3 years starting from 8’Th November, 2010

Terms and conditions:

  1. The tenant agrees to pay the landlord a sum of $1000 per month within the first week of each month.
  2. The tenant agrees to pay a security deposit amount of $300 which will be refunded at the end of the contract.
  3. The tenant will be held responsible and payable in case of any damage caused to any part of the premises.
  4. The tenant will have to acquire a written consent from the owner in case of any changes done to the premises.
  5. The owner will have a right to inspect the property during any time of the lease.

The owner and tenant hereby agree to the terms and conditions:

Greg Jones                   George Fernandez

(HK builders)               (Tenant)

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