Condo Sale Agreement

A condo sale agreement is an official document drafted whenever an individual is selling his or her condominium to another individual. The details mentioned in the agreement are the names of both the buyers and the sellers, address of the condo, the sale price and the mode in which the buyer is going to make the payment.

Sample Condo Sale Agreement

This agreement is made as on 5th of March 2011 between Ashley Judd, referred to as the seller residing at 52 Halle Berry Street, New York New Jersey 5214 and John Woo referred to as the buyer residing at 41 Corn Pop Road, California Los Angeles 7845 for the sale of condo located at 52 Green More High, New Orleans Miami 8945 owned by   Ashley Judd to John Woo.

The terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The sale price of the condo is $400000.
  2. The buyer has to pay half of the sale price that is $200000 before the agreement.
  3. The seller has to make sure that all the outstanding property tax like the electric bill have been cleared before the buyer moves in.

Signature of the buyer:                                                         Signature of the seller:

John Woo                                                                   Ashley Judd

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