Condo Rental Agreement

A condo rental agreement is a legal document between a condo owner and the tenant wherein the tenant agrees to pay for the property for a fixed duration of time. It gives details of the conditions of the lease, agreed to which the parties sign the contract.

Sample Condo Rental Agreement:

Owner: Greg Builders

Lessee: Pearl Jackson

Date: 13’Th Oct, 2010

Address of property: 4 Y, ridge road, LA

Period of lease: 1 year

Date of commencement: 12’Th November

Terms and conditions:

  1. The lessor agrees to provide the lessee with free electricity and water supply. Apart from these, the lessee agrees to pay for the rest of the amenities himself.
  2. Written prior permission of the lessor will be required if the lessee incorporates some major changes in the premises.
  3. The lessee is not allowed to sublease the condo to a sub lessee without written consent of the lessor.
  4. The Rental charge on a monthly basis will be a sum of $1200 plus one time security deposit amount $400 payable in advance.
  5. If the rent is not received within the first week of each month, the lessee will be required to pay a late fee charge of $100.

The owner and tenant hereby agree to the terms and conditions:

Greg Yank                     Pearl Jackson

(Owner)                        (Tenant)

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