Condo Rental Agreement Template

A condo rental agreement template is a fully detailed format for a written condo rental contract. It is a legal document made between the owner and the tenant where the terms and conditions of the lease are specified and signed.

Sample Condo Rental Agreement Template:

Owner: [Name of owner or landlord]

Lessee: [Name of tenant or lessee]

Date: [Date of contract]

Address of property: [Address of condo]

Period of lease: [Number of months of lease] starting from [date], [month], [year]

Terms and conditions:

  1. The lessor agrees to rent condo located at [address of condo] to the lessee. The lessee agrees to pay rent for using the condo for [number of months of contract].
  2. The rent will be paid on a monthly basis. The lessee will pay (mention the amount) on the( mention the date)of each month within the first week.
  3. The lessor or his team will have a full right to inspect the premises for maintenance purposes, but with prior notice sent to the lessee ( No of days) days in advance.
  4. The cost of reconstruction or damages will be the responsibility of the lessee. Though, the lessor should be informed of any reconstruction or changes incorporated.

The owner and tenant hereby agree to the terms and conditions:

Signature of owner                     Signature of tenant

(Owner)                                           (Tenant)

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