Condo Purchase Agreement

A condo purchase agreement is a legal document which a person uses to buy a condominium or a condo. It has to be signed by both the buyer and the seller and it also lays down the terms and conditions of the deal, besides the price at which the buyer is purchasing the condo.

Sample Condo Purchase Agreement

This condo purchase agreement is made between BUYER and SELLER on January 10, 2011.


Name: John Mason

Address: 82 Lake View, Florida

Phone number: 9835938593


Name: Mary Smith

Address: 32 Sunny Beach, Florida

Phone number: 9485984353


Address: 82 Lake View, Florida

Purchase price: $95,000


  • The SELLER hereby agrees to sell and the BUYER agrees to buy the above mentioned residential property including all the improvements, fixtures and furniture collectively referred to as the PREMISES.
  • The BUYER shall pay the SELLER a sum of $95,000 for the PREMISES and shall from now on be regarded as the new owner of the house by getting all the rights to the property.
  • When the BUYER, that is, the new unit owner decides to sell or lease the PREMISES, he will have to provide to the Building Association with no less than 10 days’ notice.
  • The BUYER shall pay $50,000 at the signing of the contract and the rest will be paid in monthly instalments over a period of 2 years or before.

•       The SELLER shall deliver the house, furniture etc in good condition.

Signature: John Mason

Signature: Mary Smith

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