Concrete Subcontract Agreement

A concrete subcontract agreement is a deal signed between a general contractor and subcontractor where the former hires and accepts the services from the latter regarding specific concrete related work for a particular property and offers an amount of money.

Sample Concrete Subcontract Agreement

This concrete subcontract agreement is made and entered between CONTRACTOR and SUBCONTRACTOR whose principal place of business is at 21 Mulholand Drive, North Texas. The agreement is effective from July 21, 2011.


Name: Mr. Jake Langley

Contact number: 7458438333


Name: Mr. Michael Morison

Contact number: 4754837589


736 North Dawson Road, Los Angeles


  • According to this agreement, the SUBCONTRACTOR agrees to provide to the CONTRACTOR his services and the necessary equipment and materials required for the installation of concrete work.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR must finish the concrete work by 3 months, failing to do which he has to pay the CONTRACTOR for the damages and losses incurred due to the delay.
  • The CONTRACTOR agrees to accept the services of the SUBCONTRACTOR keeping with the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • The CONTRACTOR will be paying the SUBCONTRACTOR $30,000 for the latter’s services, and of that $15,000 will be paid in advance and the rest on successful completion of the work.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR is responsible for providing to the CONTRACTOR good quality materials keeping with the safety standards as mentioned by the government and the law.

Both parties agree to the above terms and conditions.


Mr. Jake Langley               Mr. Michael Morison

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