Computer Training Agreement

A computer training agreement is prepared to establish the fact that an individual is going to undergo computer training from a computer training institute. The details mentioned in the agreement include the course fees, duration of the course and the contents of the course.

Sample Computer Training Agreement

This agreement has been prepared for the reason that John Lennon is going to undergo computer training from Technology Infinite Institute located at Horizon Building, 14 High End Street, New Orleans, New jersey 5214.The date of registering the agreement is 10th of March 2011.

As per the agreement:

  1. The course will be for a period of six months.
  2. The contents of the course include Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, Web designing, Flash, action scripting, system troubleshooting and animation.
  3. The trainee needs to pay fifty percent of the course fees that is $1000 in advance. He can pay the rest of the fees in six equal monthly installments.
  4. The student has to have a minimum of 90% attendances and if he fails to do so, he won’t be awarded any certificate.
  5. The institute does not assure any placement after the training is over.

Signature of the trainee:

John Lennon

Dated: 12th of March 2011

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