Commercial Vehicle Agreement

A commercial vehicle agreement is an agreement which is formed when a party or individual gives his vehicle to another party or individual on lease basis for a fixed period of time and for commercial use. Such agreements are legal in nature.

Sample commercial vehicle agreement

This agreement has been entered into by the parties on the effective date of 29th April 2011 and shall remain into effect for 6 months from effective date.

This agreement has been made between the following two parties

Henry Makerfield who is herein referred to as the LESSOR of the vehicle


Fred Hawking who is herein referred to as the LESSEE of the vehicle

The following are the other details of the parties involved:

Address of LESSOR: W-9, first floor, Rocking Street, LA

Contact number of LESSOR: 473457499430

Address of LESSEE: 3-f, second floor, Top corner square, LA

Contact number of LESSEE: 4739384903898

Details of vehicle:

Name of vehicle: Tim Light weight truck

Model number of vehicle: A-90

This vehicle has to be used for the purpose of delivery and picking up.

Total cost: $5000


  • The LESSOR must present the vehicle in proper working condition and shape.
  • The LESSEE must use the vehicle only for commercial purpose and will be penalised if found to use it for private purpose.
  • The LESSEE would have to be pay for any damages caused to the vehicle during term of agreement.

Both the parties hereby agree to the terms of the agreement:

Henry Makerfield                 Fred Hawking

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