Commercial Sublease Template

A commercial sublease template is the ready to execute format to be used in case of leasing property, equipments and other for commercial purposes. This sublease template consists of  legal rule & regulations and is considered between the subtenant & sub leaseholder.

Sample Commercial Sublease Template:

Effective Date (DD/ MM/YY): __________  [On which the agreement is prepared]

This agreement is entitled between__________ [name of the sublease holder organization/ individual] and ___________ [name of the subtenant organization/ individual].

The sublease holder is located at [city/ state/ PIN] ______________

The subtenant holder is located at [City/ State/ PIN] ____________

This sublease agreement is effective from _____, 20_______ [date from the agreement is considered to be valid] terminating on ________, 20 _______ [date the agreement ends].

Type of property __________ [mention the area specification including address] ____________________________.


As per agreed term & condition, the subtenant will pat an amount of ___________ [amount in local currency] to the sublease holder on decided date _____, 20 _______ [date to be paid monthly rent]

In case of late rent submission, the subtenant will be charged with a late fee amount ________ [amount fixed for late rent submission].

To renew the lease agreement, the subtenant has to pay an amount of _____________ [amount fixed for renew the agreement inclusive of processing fees] to the sub leaseholder.

Signature [subtenant]                          Signature [sub leaseholder]

__________________                         _____________________

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