Commercial Sublease Agreement

A commercial sublease agreement, as the name depicts, is meant for business- related lease deals. Such agreement take place between the property owner and the lessee.

Sample Commercial Sublease Agreement:

Agreement Number: ___________

Date of Agreement: ____________

Name of the Sub landlord: ________________

Permanent Address: _____________________PIN: ____________

Phone Number: _________________________

Name of the Subtenant: _________________

City: _____________ State: ______________PIN: ______________

Contact Number: _____________

E-mail Id: ______________________

This agreement is made by _______________, Sub landholder and __________, Subtenant.

This sublease agreement is effective from __________, 20_______ ends on __________.

As per mutual understanding both the parties are agreed on monthly rental of _________ which will be paid for a year.

Terms & Conditions:

(a)In case of any issue from Sub landholder & Subtenant, this above mentioned sublease agreement can be considered cancelled.

(b)This agreement can be renewed by paying a fix amount of _____________ to the sub landholder.

(c) Any kind of increment to lease amount will be directed to the subtenant through an official notice.

The lessee cannot use the property for any kind of illegal attempt. In such a case is found, the lease agreement will be terminated and a legitimate action is taken against the lessee.

Signature of Sub Landholder:                                    Signature of Subtenant:

________________________                                     _____________________

Place: ______

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