Commercial Sublease Agreement Template

A commercial sublease agreement template is a drafted agreement which is  ready to use official document This agreement template lays down the terms and conditions on which the agreement is signed between the parties.

Sample Commercial Sublease Agreement


Date [DD/MM/YY]: __________

Lessor [name of the lessor/ organization]:    First Name: ______ Middle Name: ________ last Name: __________

Address [of Lessor]:____________City________ State _______

ZIP: ___________

Phone [contact details of Lessor including area code]: ______________

Official Website [of Lessor]: ___________________________________

Details of the Lessee:

Name [of lessee]: ________________________________________________

Official Address [of lesser organization/ individual]: ____________________

ZIP: _______________

Contact Number [of lessee]: __________________

Tin Number [of lessee]: ______________

Property Type [name of property which is to be hired by the lessee]:______

Monthly amount [the fixed amount to be paid by the lessee]:__________

Amount to be paid on [fixed date of payment by the lessee]: _____

Exhibit A [description of term & conditions]:

The lessee [organization/ individual] __________ is responsible for the maintenance of leased property & will be held responsible for any kind of damage in case of any ignorance to the property.

The lessee [organization/ individual] is considered to pay the amount [monthly total payment]_______ to the lessor [name of the organization/ individual] _________.

In case of violation to payment term & social security, the agreement is considered to be null & void.

Exhibit B [agreement acceptance signature formality]:

The Lessee Signature [signed by the concerned authority]: ____________

The Lessor Signature [signed by the concerned person with designation] _________

nature of Subtenant:

________________________                                     _____________________

Place: ______

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