Commercial Sublease Agreement Partial

A commercial sublease agreement partial is the settlement between the tenant and subtenant to complete sublease documentation of the partial property portion.

Sample Commercial Sublease Agreement Partial:

Agreement Number: ______________

Date: _________, 20 ______________

This commercial sublease agreement is made & entitled between ______________ Tenant and _______________ Subtenant.

Valid Contact Details:

Tenant Name / organization: _______________________

City ___________, State: _________________, PIN: ________________

Phone Number: _____________

E- Mail id: __________________

TIN Number: _______________

Subtenant Name/ organization: ___________________________________

Address of Subtenant: ___________________________________________

ZIP: _______________

Phone Number: ______________

License Number: ____________________ [8 digit registered number]

Sublease Description:

Type of property which the subtenant is interested to hire: ______________________

Location of Property: ______________________________________________________

Market Lease value: _______________________________________________________

Original Lease Number: _____________________________

Name of Original lease holder: _______________________

Date of original lease: ______________________________

Date on which the sublease got transferred to the name of Subtenant: _______________

Lease Amount & Total Rental:

Processing fees for preparing commercial sublease contract: ________________________

Total amount to be paid by the subtenant monthly to the tenant: ____________________

Date on which the first payment is to be paid: _______________________________

Date from which the agreement is valid: ____, 20 ______ ending on: ________.

Please note: this commercial sublease agreement is valid for a year only and if the subtenant is interested, he or she can get this agreement renewed after making a fixed amount before 15 days of contact expiry date.

Signature of the Tenant: _________

Signature of Subtenant: _________

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